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  • Who are the Holmikers?

    The Holmikers are a group of 20 gymnasts from the active gymnasts‘ squads of the Mels gymnastics club. Their goal is to promote a fascinating kind of gymnastics to the broader public in an awfully funny way.

  • Where do the Holmikers come from?

    The Holmikers‘ home is Mels, the largest village in the Canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Mels has got 8000 inhabitants and is situated in the eastern Alps of Switzerland, in an area called Heidi’s Home.

  • What’s the origin oft he name «Holmikers»?

    The name combines the two words HOLM (bar) and KOMIKER (comedian). It means that the Holmikers are comedian artists performing on parallel bars.

  • What are the Holmikers‘ goals?

    The Holmikers mainly want to take the spectators to a cheerful dream world for the time of artistic act. Their playful nonchalance should spread to the public and stimulate all senses. The stories told are easy to understand and full of surprising effects. The audience is led through a profusion of contrasting feelings – from astonishment to dismay, topped off with overwhelming laughter. The performance is supposed to look clumsy, but is in fact highly professional. In spite of the Holmiker’s striving for perfectionism the factor fun should stay the main driving force for the artists and the sport gymnastics be promoted.

  • Can you make a living with clowning about?

    There are many amazing artistic acts and just as many humorous ones performed by single persons. However, the combination of humour and acrobatics in a group of up to ten actors is a rarity. Not at least because a professional troupe of this size would be nearly impossible to finance. The Holmikers have discovered this gap and now can present their show all over the world… but always as non-professionals and with the one goal : to delight the public and do have fun themselves.

  • What shows have the Holmikers produced up to now?

    The Holmikers have already created a whole series of homourous acts. But only the Horror Show and Snow-White have been fully developed and practised to the point of perfection. All other shows were created for unique local events.

  • Are any new shows planned?

    The Horror Show as well as Snow-White and the seven dwarfs are continuously further developed and new ideas implemented. Completely new acts are not planned for the time being.

  • What is special about the Holmikers’ act?

    Risky acrobatics and breathtaking effects combined with enchanting costumes and the precise harmony between movement and music make the acts an unforgettable experience. The Holmikers were the first comedian acrobatics troupe which added music to their gags and effects. It is also special that a story wich is easy to understand is used as basis oft he acrobatics on the parallel bars. Funny stories wich ar understood from the young and old, independent from their origin.

  • Have the Holmikers got any sponsoring?

    Holmikers have worked without an official sponsor so far. However, they have often been helped and supported by different persons, e.g. by tailoring, special development of equipment or with arranging engagements at important events. How will it be handled in the future? The Holmikers are always open to new things...

  • Can I buy Holmikers souvenirs?

    No. Because the Holmikers are non-professionals they don’t have enough capacity to sell souvenirs.

  • How are the Holmikers organized?

    Since their constitution in 1993 the Holmikers’ are organized as independent association. The Holmikers are headed by two managers. The most important organs are the yearly general assembly as well as the Holmikers’ meetings taking place as the need arises.

  • How do you become a Holmiker?

    All Holmikers are active members of the gymnastics club of Mels. Physical fitness and the willingness to do irregular trainings are important, but the personal maturity is also considered. A top gymnast is likely to find an open door to the Holmikers’ team…

  • What are the greatest moments for a Holmiker?

    Darkness, pounding hearts, everyone is taking his position. Setting up the scenery has been a matter of seconds. The Holmikers are ready to go. Music on, spots on… the dazzling energy of several kilowatts of lighting hit the mad up faces and add to the heat oft he bodies: time to give it all… and in the end, with the applause, the shouting and stomping of the entusiastic audience, the goal is reached.

    Apart from the performances, the trips together with the friends of the troupe are a wonderful experience: Trips trough the West of the United States, to be on tour with daily shows, discovering new cities and countries and the contact with other artists from all over the world.